The Little Boy Who Lost His Name (An Awesome Gift Idea)

Our son received a really neat Christmas present this week. It’s a personalized book that uses the letters in his name to guide the story line.

A great gift idea for children of any age - personalized book!

A little boy wakes up and his name is lost! The rest of the book follows his adventure as he meets creatures that each give him a letter. In the end, his collection of letters spells out his name and it is no longer lost.

The flow of the words has great rhythm and each section is quite clever!

I couldn’t resist going to the website right away to check out the situation… You can plug in your child’s name, choose the gender and choose from three different skin tones so that the artwork matches the child as well as possible. Additionally, they currently have 10 languages to choose from.

On the next page, you can preview the entire book (unheard of!) and also choose a different character for any letter if you didn’t like the first. This seems like it would be especially handy if there are multiple children in the same family receiving the book. One son could have a Troll for “T” and the other a Tarantula!

My son got this for Christmas this year - it's a really awesome, personalized book that takes the letters of his name to guide the story line. Highly recommend!!

You can see on their website how cute the artwork is. The creators of this book have obviously invested a lot of time to focus on quality and it’s really a high-class job, especially considering it’s a 100% self-published situation. The book is paperback but very sturdy.

They ship for free anywhere in the world, too! Man! This is a must-remember for future gifts for any kiddos in your life. I already have plans on ordering one for a certain niece.

So fun!

A fantastic gift idea for boys or girls - a personalized book with a super cute story!